Load Cells

Load cells are devices that generates electrical impulses which are then either sent to a display screen or to other systems. When there is weight on the cell, the strain on it generates electrical impulses which is in direct proportion to the amount of weight applied to it.


An Indicator receives the electrical impulses from the load cells and converts them into readable numbers. By default, the indicator hardware supports manipulating the impulses and re-using them for controlling equipments such as valves or switches. In addition, the indicator also supports daily reporting and information storage.

Process Controllers

Process Controllers are similar to modern indicators but are devices that helps control systems to achieve product level of consistency, economy and safety. This can involve manipulating the electrical impulses received from load cell sna triggering certain pre-defined actions in a factory or warehouse, etc.




In 1983, Mr. Shusak Assavinpresha was the first to import and adapt load cell usage to multiple applications in Thailand.

Scale Engineering Co., Ltd was then registered as a company in 1996. Scale Engineering became the reseller of Industrial Weighing Machines that were made by Philips-Gwt-Sartorius in Germany and where the production line also remains. Besides reselling, Scale Engineering also provides after sales services, weight comparison tests and systems design and integration.